Saturday Standards Link Round-Up 1/14/17

Every Saturday here on we will do a round-up of what we’ve been reading and seeing that is utter nonsense in the world of how women are treated differently than men. Sometimes they are wonderful takes on how to survive and thrive and sometimes they are just disappointing.

We were digging into workplace harassment and found a study by British online survey of 25,000 people carried out by workplace gender campaign Opportunity Now and global professional services firm PwC in  2014. And the results according to MSNBC were pretty upsetting.  52% of women report being bullied in the workplace. Oddly no mention of how  many men reported feeling bullied in the workplace. But then only 2,166 men who took part in the study so maybe they just don’t worry about these things as much. Double standard perhaps? But based on the quote below they just don’t have as much to worry about.

While Inga Beale, the newly-appointed CEO of insurance market Lloyd’s of London, talked of an “automatic protectionism” among senior men – and said it was time for women to upset the status quo.

“At the moment we have guys protecting each other – it’s a club,” she said in the report.

“Women traditionally have not had that network of support that men tend to have, so in that sense they have nothing to lose by rocking the boat and challenging the way things are.”              


Now on to a lighter topic! Your appearance. You are being judged by your appearance by your boss everyday. 

According to the research, good grooming habits—looking “polished” or “pulled together”—is a professional’s most important physical asset. Women are judged more harshly here. While 83% of senior executives said “unkempt attire” (including wrinkled or too-tight clothing and visible lingerie) detracts from a woman’s executive presence, a slightly smaller percentage (76%) said it undermines a man’s.

Moreover, women’s professional polish includes tasteful accessories, manicured nails and a hairstyle versus a haircut. Whereas, a man’s polished look is based on clean nails, shiny shoes, a clean shave and manicured facial hair, according to the report.


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