Saturday Standards Link Round-Up 1/7/17

Every Saturday here on we will do a round-up of what we’ve been reading and seeing that is utter nonsense in the world of how women are treated differently than men. Sometimes they are wonderful takes on how to survive and thrive and sometimes they are just disappointing. Today we have disappointing stories.

How To Overcome Gender Stereotypes in The Workplace

We are SO confident this came from a good place in the author and assigning editor’s heart. Ladies get treated different so let’s help them overcome nasty stereotypes about women (we are mean, we gossip, we wear blouses that might show we have breasts, we cry). So they gave us this piece of advice

“Be excellent,” insists Brenda Fiala, Strategy SVP at Blast Radius. “Set for yourself an expectation of delivering excellent work, and strive to do it positively and consistently,” she says.

Gee, we hadn’t thought of that one. They also remind us to “appropriate wardrobe” (because that’s even a reality that is achievable) and “not be gossipy” if you think people believe women are gossips.

The Daily Wire Wildly Misconstrues Advice On Respecting Boundaries

Don’t ask her how she is doing. Don’t pay her a compliment. Don’t you dare ask her on a date. You know what, don’t even look at her. 

Wow you mad bro (or I guess bro-ette as the author is also a woman) Bust has a piece with some swearing on how to respect people’s personal space when women are wearing headphones. We don’t want to tone police because you know what it is kind of weird when dudes come up to us when we are out for a run wearing our headphones. But the Daily Wire thinks that is just NOT OK  Cool. Way to get offended at other people’s preferences.

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